Are you looking for a preschool that believes that a young child needs love, support and attention to thrive and learn, a place where neighborhood walks, park visits and trips to Zoo Atlanta occur weekly? Then Urban Explorers Preschool is the place for you and your child!

Our Facility
Urban Explorers Preschool is located in historic Grant Park on the corner of Georgia Avenue and Hill Street and is within walking distance of Grant Park, Zoo Atlanta and the Neighborhood Charter School.

Hours of Operation
We are open year round and follow the Atlanta Public School calendar from August to May. UEP is open daily from 7:00am-6:00pm. Early care is from 7:00am-8:00am, our school day is from 8:00am-3:30pm, and aftercare is from 3:30pm-6:00pm. We also offer drop in services.

Amenities & Fees
All lead teachers are college-educated, and our school has one of the lowest teacher:child ratio in Atlanta. We offer an outdoor playground and ample indoor play and sleeping space (1 child per cot/crib). In addition to tuition, an activity fee per child is required, which will cover admissions to Zoo Atlanta, the Botanical Gardens, van rentals, foreign language teachers, and other special activities and events.

About the Founder
The founder of UEP has over 34 years of experience in the preschool environment. She has a clear comprehension of the importance of the first four years of a child’s life and is dedicated to providing a quality preschool experience for your child. All UEP staff members will utilize Creative Curriculum and  The Vygotskian Approach to Early Childhood Education to enhance the ongoing emergent curriculum in the classrooms. The philosophies found in Playful Parenting by Lawrence J Kohen and Unconditional Parenting by Alfie Kohn will also guide our teachers in providing a caring, nurturing and educational environment.

Infant Program
Infancy is a time of vast cognitive and motor development. The staff at Urban Explorers Preschool are here to nurture your child through this amazing process. Each caregiver in the infancy program will have three infants in her/his care. This will allow your baby to get the one-on-one time he/she needs. Cribs will only be used for napping and infants will be given lots of nurturing playtime that includes story time, floor play and music.

Toddler Program
Toddlers are nature’s great explorers, and the teachers at UEP. We have the experience to channel this natural curiosity into learning opportunities that promote growth in all developmental areas. With our free-flow classroom and low teacher:child ratio of 1:4,  for children 12 – 24 months, and 1:6, for children over 24 months,  your child will have room to explore and receive the attention that a growing toddler thrives on.

Preschool Program
To make the education in our preschool program enriching for all students, the curriculum used will be based on the principles of emergent curriculum, which is spontaneous and responsive to the immediate interest of each child. The top priorities of the UEP teacher are to keep all students actively engaged in their education and to be flexible to the needs of each child.