“Ms Jenni”

Jennifer Subarevic is UEP’s founder and director. She has 30 years of experience in childcare and Bachelors of Science in Early Childhood Education from Georgia State University.  She has experience as a corporate daycare director, kindergarten teacher, infant caregiver, toddler teacher, and preschool teacher. Her dedication to making a difference in the childcare industry can be seen throughout UEP.

“Ms Rafaela”

Rafaela Martinez (assistant infant caregiver) is one of UEP’s newest employees. She recently relocated here from Miami to be closer to her family (Mistuh Will is her nephew).  She was a stay at home mom that not only raised her four children but also her nieces and nephews. After working as a substitute teacher at UEP for two months it was a pleasure to be able to offer her a permanent job in our infant room. She brings years of practical experience and loves working with the infants and young toddlers. (Ms Rafaela does not celebrate any holidays.)

“Ms Paula”

Paula Davis (infant co-teacher) has been with UEP since January 2011 when we moved to our new facility. She has her CDA and 6 years of experience with infants and toddlers. She also has two children, Mario and Akela. Mario is headed off to kindergarten this year and she will proudly tell you about her daughter Akela who made honor roll and was accepted into the gifted program this year at her elementary school. Paula’s cool, calm demeanor makes her a hit with the infants and their parents. Her years of experience help ease parents’ minds and prepare her older infant class for the transition to toddlerhood. (Paula celebrates her birthday on September 12.)

“Mr Tim”

Tim Hanmer (toddler I/II co-teacher for the 2012/13 school year) has a Bachelors of Art in History from Longwood University. He began subbing at UEP in October of 2010, when he moved here from Virginia, and feel in love with teaching! UEP was very happy to offer him a job in January 2011 and he has been here EVERY day (except for 2) ever since! He currently lives down the street from UEP with his sister (Kate), also a teacher, brother-in-law (Jeff) and their two year old son (Jude), a UEP student.  (Tim celebrates his birthday on May 2.)

“Ms Dye”

Dyshera Anderson (lead preschool teacher for 2012/13 school year) has a Master’s in Public Administration from Kean University and has five years of experience with preschool children. She began her career with UEP in 2010 in our toddler two class. This will be her third year with the same group of students and she is looking forward to her first year as a pre-k teacher. Her dedication to the education of young children makes her a perfect fit for UEP. (Dyshera celebrates her birthday on March 18.)

“Ms Dena”

Dena Perine (assistant preschool teacher for 2012/13) has 16 years of experience and has been with UEP since 2009.  Dena has been trained and has experience working in both Reggio and Creative Curriculum. She also has four children of her own ranging in age from 13 to 29. Her creativity with both educational and art activities keeps her students happily engaged in their learning. (Dena celebrates her birthday on November 28.)


UEP’s official “Grandma” has been with the school since before it even existed! She has a background in theatre and is a visual artist, author of children’s stories and published poet.  She currently is working as the preschool aftercare teacher but she wears many jackets at UEP and you never know what classroom she may appear in spreading “peace and love” (her catch phrase).  She has worked as a speech coach and is a wholistic consultant when she is not at UEP caring for her “grandchildren”. (Tiroo-mah celebrates January 19.)

“Ms Brittany”

Brittany Houston is a UEP lead young preschool teacher. She is currently working on her education degree in birth through age five at Georgia State University.